So you are in need of a developer/geek? Well my skill set extends to building web sites and applications in ASP, PHP as well as Mobile Apps for the Web, Native applications for iPhone, iOS, iPad and Android.

What I Can Do

I'm lucky enough to have worked in the industry for 13 years now and I like to think I have a few "strings to my bow". That being said, I'd be lying if I said I can do anything! With that in mind below is a summary of what I can offer. Take your pick!

My Work

I love working with a range of big and small companies to help them achieve results from the design and implementation that I do. Here is a small selection of my latest projects.

Check It Out

iPhone and Android Application

Check it out iPhone Application for the NHS - Fleet, Hampshire Surrey

Check It Out App is a geolocation based application which allows the user to see local amenities and attractions in the Isle Of Wight area.

App design was by Peekaboo Design, Development by yours truly

View in the App Store

V4 Woodflooring

CMS Website

Check it out iPhone Application for the NHS - Fleet, Hampshire Surrey

A fully responsive CMS website powered by Wordpress with a number of bespoke modules and features was delivered to this client.

Design was by Brandtastic, Development by yours truly

View the website

Crossbush Farm

Single Page Website

Crossbush Farm website

A mobile friendly single page website to help with the promotion of the newly opened Crossbush Farm Shop.

The site was updated to give a new lease of life using current web tech.

View the website

Stableford Golf Calculator

iPhone Application

Stableford Golf Calculator iPhone and Android Application

Name Dropping!

I have had the pleasure in working with clients both big and small - I rely on word of mouth so my work is only as good as my last project.

Get In Touch

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If you would like to talk about a project be it a Website or a Smart Phone Application then please contact me via one of the methods below.